NMIX 6110 Portfolio

Just think, before this summer, I had never built a website, a WordPress ecommerce site, experimented with Google fonts or constructed a jukebox from code.

We covered a tremendous amount of material in a short time in NMIX 6110, and I learned skills that will provide the foundation for future classes and potential employment opportunities. This class was a grind, but I expected that, especially with it being crammed into a month.

I have to admit that my many years of scrutinizing thousands of articles trying to find the smallest mistakes hadn't prepared my eyes for the various brackets, quote marks and slash marks needed for a flawless page of code. Coding requires patience, persistence ... and perfection.

But I feel I've gained more than a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other areas of website design. I look forward to putting these skills, and the others I gain as I progress in the Emerging Media Masters program, to use in classes and on my Capstone Project.

Here are my projects from this class: