Emerging Media Summary

What a start to my Emerging Media journey.

When folks ask me what I did this summer, I tell them that I began the next phase of my life. I hadn’t even started taking classes three months ago, but now I’m already one-third of the way to my Emerging Media Masters.

My narrative is different than my classmates. I’m older. I’ve done my dream job. I was a sports writer. A sports editor. I own and run a business.

But life changes amazingly fast these days. And I don’t want to be left behind. What I’ve learned might not work in the future, so I wanted — and needed — to update my skillset.

And I've tried to do it with optimism and alacrity. My first four Emerging Media classes — NMIX 6110, NMIX 6111, JRMC 7010 and JRMC 7111 — have stretched my mental capabilities, forced me out of a comfort zone and made me look at processes and work habits through a new light. I’m learning terms and skills that I’ve always been able to leave to others.

I look forward to the next several months. The pace will be brisk, the curriculum will be tough and the grind will be a daily challenge. But I know I’ll see an improved version of myself — as an entrepreneur, employer and worker — next May.