NMIX 6111 Portfolio

Adobe XD was a stranger to me just about before last July. I had varied experience with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, but I’d heard of XD only in passing.

But thanks to NMIX 6111 (New Media Design) I have a strong understanding of XD, in addition to a better knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop. The videos, exercises and assignments in this class succeeded in equipping me with a wide base of knowledge of all these programs.

This class moved faster than the Flash since it was less than one month long, but it gave me more practical skills to go with my knowledge of graphics and design from a three-decade career in newspapers, magazines and websites.

I’ve worked with photographers, designers and graphic artists, but had rarely been tasked with using my own skills to design logos and graphics as before this class. This also showed me that I need to be even more specific when giving instructions or casting vision for design needs.

Other parts of the class — choosing and cropping photos, interviewing, working with clients and partners — added to my journalistic skills.

This class gave me a strong grip of Adobe programs and a technical base to build on during the remainder of my Emerging Media journey.

Here are my favorite projects from this class: