NMIX 6310 Portfolio

There wasn’t anything fast about learning SwiftUI.

Oh, sure, the initial lessons covered the basics and were more intuitive, but the degree of difficulty rocketed as the semester progressed. I soon found myself struggling through the lessons and quickly learned some minds aren’t wired to grasp SwiftUI.

Just like HTML, everything matters. Brackets. Periods. Parentheses. Miss one and you’re destined to spend hours scouring code to see what’s amiss.

I was able to work through most of my issues — thanks to professor Emuel Aldridge and wise (and patient) classmates — to finish this class with a more thorough understanding of SwiftUI.

The more I look at mobile apps, the more I’m amazed what what goes into them.

Crazy to think, even though we were introduced to SwiftUI less than four months ago, my two EM teammates and myself decided to build an iOS app for our Capstone Project.

Gluttons of punishment, I guess.

But thanks to the knowledge we gained in this class, we’re going to make it work.

Here are my favorite projects from this class:

Assignment: The Best 80s Album

Take a trip back to the 1980s with this XCode jukebox. The QuickTime movie automatically downloads.


Assignment: Mapping it

This map assignment showed us how to use different views in XCode. The QuickTime movie automatically downloads.


Capstone Project: CampusX

Here's a video that describes CampusX.