NMIX 7005 Portfolio

What a ride.

From getting to know new teammates, to deciding on a Capstone project, to working with those teammates and creating an app using tools that you learn on the fly.

This class has been one rewarding — and often frustrating — blur of ideation, learning, creating, building and teamwork.

I keep mentioning some form of the word team, and for good reason.

You never know what you’re getting yourself into when you join or form a team, but

I couldn’t have gotten this far without Crysta Jones and Rohit Rammohan.

Team CampusX has learned to rely on one another and trust our individual strengths. Our meetings are a combination of deepening our relationship, getting work done, me telling them to slow down and explain something, setting deadlines and smiling about accomplishments.

We’ll continue to build that teamwork and the CampusX online marketplace app next semester.

Capstone Project: CampusX

Here's a video that describes CampusX.