JRMC 7010 Portfolio

What a great class to start my pursuit of a Emerging Media masters degree.

The writing, reading and subject matter played to my strengths and helped me feel like I didn’t have to learn something totally new right away. That has changed with classes with more technical challenges, but much of JRMC 7010, fortunately, was similar to what I’ve done throughout my career.

The pace was intense, with an immense amount of reading — I learned many new terms (UI, UX, CX) — but I didn’t feel overwhelmed past the initial first few days and the inevitable information dump. I’ve always been self motivating and self sufficient as a student, employee and business owner, but I enjoyed the twice weekly Zoom classes and smaller tutorials, which allowed quieter voices to be heard.

I like to think I’m creative at work and in life, but the learning journal helped sharpen those skills. The many parts to the final project — exploring new software, websites (UXPressia and Medium) and making my first video — were extremely beneficial.

Here's the final project from this class: