JRMC 7011 Portfolio

Kanban and Agile, Scrum and Sprint. Those words — well, not Kanban — were familiar to me before JRMC 7011 (Project Management and Innovation), but they certainly mean different things now.

And I don’t think of project management the same way that I did before the start of this class in May.

Much of a journalist’s career is managing projects of varying sizes. Every story is a project. Every daily section is a project. Every special section is a project. If you don’t excel at planning, creativity, execution and deadlines, you likely won’t last long in the business.

This class showed me that there are so many more ways to manage projects — both big and small — and that many other fields and teams have an excellent handle on ideating, creating, planning and completing required tasks to make a product out of nothing. I learned many philosophies and methods that have been a huge part of my career journey.

This class overlapped three month-long classes, and compared to their frenetic pace, this one was more manageable. But it also was a challenge since new concepts were explored, new partnerships formed and much teamwork needed to meet expectations, requirements and goals along the way.

A list of projects from this class are below my EMS Ideation narrative.

EMS Ideation

I had five possible EMS Ideation thoughts heading into my group's first meeting. We decided to pursue two of them.

The first is an online marketplace open to UGA students, faculty and staff (those with a uga.edu email address) that has many possiblities. It will resemble Facebook Marketplace and Amazon and will provide a safe way for the UGA family to buy and sell items online.

The second is an app — what we've named the Social Media Literacy app — that would help children (and others) capture fake news posts, memes and videos and share them with organizations that research misinformation and educators.

The research gained from capturing these posts would help educate children, who are on their phones all the time, and others, about fake news, doctored photos and misinformation.

You can check out an early version of the app or watch a video (narrated by me, of course), outling this project with the links below.

Our group is diverse, intelligent and works hard, so we're off to a strong start, especially considering that everything has been on Zoom calls to this point.

We look forward to what the next two semesters hold for us and our project.

Here are my projects from this class: