NMIX 7015 Portfolio

It's done.

The CampusX team, the app formerly known as Dog Deals, accomplished its mission of delivering an online marketplace app.

Was it pretty? Not all aspects of CampusX were as polished as we wanted them, but it included most of our original wish list. Like 7005, this class was one rewarding — and often frustrating — blur of ideation, learning, creating, building and teamwork.

Our team of Crysta Jones and Rohit Rammohan battled through many issues along the way, but we kept our cool and composure to work together and keep the goal in sight. We took constructive criticism to heart and worked to make CampusX better every time we tweaked it.

Building CampusX and the EM Capstone project were a grind, but a rewarding one.

That said (as Rohit would say), I'm glad it's over.

Capstone Project: CampusX Trailer

Capstone Project: CampusX Poster

Here's our poster that will be displayed outside the NMI/EM offices next semester.