JRMC 8016 Portfolio

My knowledge designing newspapers, magazines and brochures was of great assistance in this class, but the usability testing, surveys, scripts, and even the do’s and don’ts of website design, were new concepts.

I guess I never realized everything that goes into new products. The creation to the testing to marketing and release is a long, involved process that should involve all aspects of a company working as one team.

This class, along with NMIX 6111 and JRMC 7010, have shown me the importance of all these aspects and how critical they are to the having successful products.

My background also was lacking in the idea and philosophy of accessibility. While it’s difficult, perhaps even impossible, to be all things to all people, one of the goals of newspapers was to cram as much news as possible into a limited space on a daily basis.

That meant having sections where the size of type could be as small as 6.5 points. Hence the need to magnifying glasses when reading the morning paper.

This class showed me the care that needs to be incorporated into designs and products to make them more inclusive.

Here are my favorite projects from this class: