Listening: A critical skill that many folks have misplaced

This entry isn’t from our reading or even from my tech reading, but it’s a tech entry about listening, which is a skill Krug briefly talked about in Chapter 9 (Usability Testing on 10 Cents a Day), and should be a key part of our lives.

On a trip to Atlanta this weekend, we listened to a “The Next Big Idea” podcast titled “Listening: What You’re Missing and Why it Matters,” which talked about how listening is a key tool that’s missing from many people’s toolbox. 

Not just journalists or doctors or teachers (or politicians?) and other careers where listening is a critical tool, but everybody. We’re so involved in what we do, so easily distracted and so busy promoting ourselves that our listening skills have eroded or even completely vanished.

Many of what journalist Kate Murphy talked about on the podcast hit on the same key points of classes I’ve taught and workshops I’ve led.